Without Forgiveness is a chapter in Episode 7 of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. After his showdown with Jesse James, Silas pursued into the Ozarks, with a goal to find Jim Reed, who is responsible for the murder of Silas' brothers.

Plot SummaryEdit

Silas was attacked by Indians as he entered the region. After that, Frank James, Jesse's brother, believing Silas had killed Jesse, attacked Silas for revenge. Frank masterminded the attack from a log cabin, and his bandits were armed with deadly scoped rifles. Nevertheless, Silas dodged the sniper fire, and blew Frank's cabin down the cliff with dynamites. Frank narrowly survived with his spirits shattered, and told Silas where to find Jim.

Following the lead, Silas found Jim's gang in a grotto. After killing all of Jim's henchmen, he shot Jim dead in a fair duel.

The death of Jim Reed meant that only one man on Silas' vendetta list, Roscoe "Bob" Bryant, was still at large.


  • It is the only level where Scoped Rifles are clearly mentioned. Still, they cannot be found and used. That makes Gunslinger the only title in series to not feature usable Sniper Rifles.
  • Sniper rounds would come out of nowhere. Sometimes they will trigger Sense of Death, but 'righteous fire' skill won't lock on snipers.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Before the fight with Jim Reed, Silas taunted with Jim's wife Belle Starr for being a whore. In real life, Starr was indeed Jim's wife.
  • The story of Grey Wolf was told again at one point, which clearly was repetitive and noticably annoyed listeners. This is possibly a self-taunt for the game's frequent re-use of materials.
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