• Film is Fan-made, not to be mistaken for the rumored Call of Juarez theatrical film*

Howdy y'all. I'm Jared Chastain. I am an actor, director, producer, and editor. Some of you on here may also be on the Red Dead Wiki and have heard about my Red Dead films based on the Red Dead video game series. Aside from those, I am also making several other films based on western video games including Outlaws, Gun, and CALL OF JUAREZ. I will be potraying Ray McCall. There will be two versions of the films, The Lost Gold Edition, which is both films put together in chronological order with Bloopers, Weapons Trivia, many other special features and will come with novels based on the games along with numerous other gifts. The second version is split into two parts, I simply called this the Normal Version.

If you want to read the weapons in the film I will have a blog post about it made TODAY!

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