As celebration (on my part) for the PC version of Call of Juarez: The Cartel being released I have decided to post some confirmed Call of Juarez information. I managed to get into contact with an anonymous, but reliable source at Techland whom confirmed the list of inconsistencies 11Morey and I wrote about the 'Family Tree' released by Ubisoft to GameInformer. Considering the numerous inconsistencies with in-game canon of the first two games we have decided, as the Call of Juarez Wiki to declare the Family Tree non-canon, and a steaming pile of crap. Alongside this we have some confirmed facts for the first game:

1) Billy Candle was born in 1867 and is 17 at the start of Call of Juarez.

2) Call of Juarez takes place in 1884.

3) Billy Candle is Ben McCall's ancestor.

4) Billy changed his name to McCall in honor of Ray McCall.

5) When Ray claimed to have not handled a gun in twenty years/has been a priest for that amount of time, he had rounded up the number.

6) Juarez's claim that he had been searching for Billy Candle for 17 years (In reality for the Medallion, which we all know) he was precise, 1867 + 17 = 1884.

In other news, Call of Juarez: The Cartel has been released for PC. So, now I won't be handicap when it comes to editing Cartel information on Project McCall! However, I think my main goal after playing through it will be to finish the BiB and CoJ articles. Not that much left to do thanks to Headcrab 64, 11Morey and the other editors.

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