Two blog posts in one day, you say?! It's been... never, since I've done this. I almost did with the Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review, however editing took so long it was after midnight when I posted it. It is saying this was posted on Feb. 23rd (for me at least) but don't believe it! It's the 22nd, just like the last one!

I have gone over the information obtained via the source at Techland who shall remain anonymous, and gathered a full list of all the confirmed facts for Call of Juarez and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

1) Ray McCall was born in 1827.

2) Thomas and Marisa were born sometime after 1827, as they are both younger than Ray.

3) Episodes I and II of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood occur in 1864, at this point Ray is 37.

4) In Episode III Ray is 38. In Episode IV, Ray is either 39, or 40 (Though most likely 39).

5) Ray McCall never married.

6) At the start of Call of Juarez, Ray McCall is 57 years old.

7) Billy Candle was born in 1867 and is 17 at the start of Call of Juarez.

8) Call of Juarez takes place in 1884.

9) Billy fled from home in 1882.

10) Billy Candle is Ben McCall's ancestor.

11) Billy changed his name to McCall in honor of Ray McCall.

12) When Ray claimed to have not handled a gun in twenty years/has been a priest for that amount of time, he had rounded up the number.

13) Juarez's claim that he had been searching for Billy Candle for 17 years (In reality for the Medallion, which we all know) he was precise, 1867 + 17 = 1884.

In other news, it has been a year ago today (Feb. 22, 2011- Feb.22, 2012) that Project McCall (back then named simply the Call of Juarez Wiki) and CoJFans began the partnership, and I would like to note that it is only thanks to Tassanee, the harbinger of CoJFans that the above information^ and that which helped 11Morey and I delcare Ubisoft's Family Tree as non-canon, was obtained.

Since I'm thanking people... I would also like to thank my predecessor Ausir, who taught me many things about being an Administrator. And also Frozen Jese and 11Morey, without their support I would have probably given up. Those last two sentences I probably should have put into the Project McCall 1 Year Anniversary blog post hehe.

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