I might be several days late getting to this news, but a new trailer for the Co-Op Multiplayer mode has been released. After going to the official website I sighted this new video and several new screenshots from the game.

In this trailer we see more of what was shown at Gamespot, the three players in Co-Op assisting each other in combat while competing with one another in the form of challenges ans secret missions, one such is where Ben is assigned VIA a text message on his cell phone to find some guy's wallet. In one of the last scenes in the trailer we see Ben and Kim pointing their guns at each other, and Eddie pointing his pistols at both of them.

After thinking about this new trailer and the past information, it seems to me that the LAPD, FBI and DEA leading this 'massive joint operation' may all have their own seperate agendas as well, which would be the reasons behind the secret missions. Combine that with the fact Ben McCall is out for revenge against the Mendoza cartel for reasons we will no doubt find out in the game, Kim's mysterious past and perhaps overzealousness in her duties, and Eddie's gambling habit that has him so far in debt to the wrong kind of people, he's ready to step over the bounds of the law for personal gain.

All of this combined, who can you trust? No one.thumb|left|400px

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