We have now partnered with the Assassin's Creed Wiki, and hopefully we'll share some editors. They have our logo up with their other partners, and I have theirs on our homepage. Other than that, all this is just a recognition of alliance between our two Wikis, not much else to say besides that. Oh yeah... Remember how back in September 2011, my "The Family Tree" blog post, I prominently stated new canon facts we had obtained for the first game?

Well, there was actually more information I obtained from my source at Techland, but for some reason I forget I wanted to double-check them, but the source never responded a third time and eventually as we continued trying to contact the source, it soon got buried underneath other issues, and then our hiatus, etc. Point is, the memory resurfaced, so I will be making another blog post soon with ALL the canon facts I obtained from the source, this includes a glance back at the Family Tree blog post.

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