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-overlord- -overlord- 26 October 2015

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile indeed. No any solid news about new Call of Juarez game. Latest word from Techland is from last summer (2015), Eurogamer's interview. That's what they had to say:

"It was 2006 Wild West shooter Call of Juarez - a partnership with Ubisoft - that put the studio on the global map. But the series floundered in 2011 with a modern day instalment - Call of Juarez: The Cartel - which, by Marchewka's own admission, was "a mistake". "It wasn't a bad game," he added, "but it wasn't finished when we released it."

The most recent Call of Juarez game was smaller, downloadable instalment Gunslinger, "a welcome return to the series' original source material, both in its systems and narrative", we said. And it's that Gunslinger template Tech…

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-overlord- -overlord- 12 July 2013

Gunslinger - Developer diary

Two Gunslinger developer diary videos have been released. In the first video, writer Rafal W. Orkan reveals who was the inspiration for Silas Greaves from real life and Pawel Blaszczak talks about the music, among other things. In the second video, writer Haris Orkin talks about Gunslinger's background and movies that provided inspiration. "I think that there's a chance to make another game in this franchise. And this time go even bigger." Gunslinger has been a success so it would be a crime to not make another Call of Juarez game :)

"How the West Was Won Again"

"The Story of Call of Juarez Gunslinger" by Haris Orkin

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-overlord- -overlord- 19 April 2013

Guns are Blazing

New interview with over six minutes of gameplay:


From the interview: "The game will come out really soon and we will have an announcement probably somewhere next week." - Blazej Krakowiak

Check out these two screens also:

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-overlord- -overlord- 3 April 2013

CoJ: Gunslinger PAX coverage

PAX east gave us something new info about Call of Juarez: Gunslinger:

- Wild Bunch will be featured in the game

- John Kinney Gang will be featured in the game, at least: Roscoe "Rustling Bob" Bryant

- Wild Bill Hickok is mentioned in the previews

- Dueling is back from two first CoJ's. If you draw too soon, possible kill will be counted as "dishonorable"---> lose of exp..

- Duel Mode will be featured

- No multiplayer, just leaderboards

- Release date: Spring


- Propably, at least one, character from first Call of Juarez is featured in the game. Same name, but it can be just coincidence.

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-overlord- -overlord- 22 February 2013

Waiting Gunslinger...

I'am disappointed that there is no new news for Gunslinger. They said release will be Q1/beginning of 2013 but there's like... nothing after annoucement and first previews. According to the some Polish sites release date is changed and it is now May.

..."we will put content every week..." YEAH sure... empty promises.

But they have maybe given us the name of the protagonist, Silas Greaves: Well, i am quite sure for that name...

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