What we know about CoJ: Gunslinger right now?

Short list about Gunslinger's features, revealed in different previews.


  • Engine: Modified Chrome Engine 5
  • ESRB rating: MATURE with Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language
  • a Comic book-inspired art style: ”Cell shaded”/vivid graphics
  • Lenght: About 10 hours (not sure is Arcade Mode counted)
  • New character
  • XP point upgrade system:
    - Timer based combo system, (”racks up your 
      kill quantities and shows you an onscreen multiplier 
      as you blast your way through a rogue's gallery. 
      The better your combos, the more experience points 
      you gain; those points, in turn, enable you to upgrade 
      your arsenal.”)
        - Dual wielding
        - Faster reloading
        - More health
        - Picking up/looting guns from the ground
        - Melee
        - Sharpshooting
        - Concertration mode
          - Can be updated to auto headshot
  • Death Sense: Dodge lethal bullet. Multiple kills build it up (propably part of upgrade system)
  • Character customisation (propably part of upgrade system)
  • Skill trees:
  - Gunslinger (duel-wielded, faster reloading)
  - Trapper
  - Ranger
  • Arcade mode: After level you can play it again in ”Arcade mode” which basically is ”a score attack”
  • The Collectibles: called ”Notes of Authenticity”. Shows historical facts about real life characters, locations and events
  • 10 different enemy types ("so far")
  • Confirmed real life characters:
  - Billy the Kid
  - Pat Garret
  - Jesse James
  - Butch Cassidy
  - Dalton Gang
  - Doc Holliday
  - Wyatt Earp
  - John Wesley Hardin
  - Johnny Ringo
  - Sundance Kid
  - Curly Bill
  - Henry Plummer



"IncGamers: Will multiplayer be included?

Blazej Krakowiak: We’re looking at that, but the single player is the key element to the game. Right now we’re putting all of our efforts into the single player and making the campaign as good as it can be."

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