It's been awhile indeed. No any solid news about new Call of Juarez game. Latest word from Techland is from last summer (2015), Eurogamer's interview. That's what they had to say:

"It was 2006 Wild West shooter Call of Juarez - a partnership with Ubisoft - that put the studio on the global map. But the series floundered in 2011 with a modern day instalment - Call of Juarez: The Cartel - which, by Marchewka's own admission, was "a mistake". "It wasn't a bad game," he added, "but it wasn't finished when we released it."

The most recent Call of Juarez game was smaller, downloadable instalment Gunslinger, "a welcome return to the series' original source material, both in its systems and narrative", we said. And it's that Gunslinger template Techland will probably return to in the future.

"We co-own the IP with Ubisoft, so we are joined together," Marchewka said. "We have to decide together when will be the best time to maybe produce another version of Gunslinger. Probably we will stay with the style of the last one.

"Gunslinger shows that Call of Juarez could be a great game, but I can't say when we will come back to this. We definitely know the genre, we love the genre, we'd love to come back, it's just that at the moment there are more important topics to deal with."


So, if there's some day a new Call of Juarez game, it might be like Gunslinger. Not a big suprise, since Gunslinger was well received by critics and players. Personally, i would like to CoJ game based on McCall brothers or Billy Candle. Midquel, what happened between original and Bound in Blood or completion to Billy Candle's story. Or atleast some kind of tie in to Silas, and his story, if they keep him around and don't bring another gunslinger in the mix. We'll see. Looks like Techland is quite busy with their other projects right now.

There is no new CoJ game, not even any wild west game. Except, there is, kind of. Hard West, with weird west setting (wild west meets Stephen King, their words) will be released 4th of November. Hard West is a turn based strategy game, like XCOM. There is some people (lead designer of the Hard West) from Techland, who worked with Call of Juarez (1,2,3) games... I am waiting some Call of Juarez easter eggs. I already enjoyed alpha demo of it. So if you are are looking for some wild west action with a twist, put Hard West on your radar.

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-overlord- (talk) 22:29, October 26, 2015 (UTC)

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