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The "Pinkerton Agent" is a minor character. He appears in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He was the

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leader of a group of Pinkerton agents sent to arrest Jeremy Barnsby.

Early Life[]

The agent and his posse were tasked with arresting Jeremy Barnsby and his gang of rebels. However, they only succeeded in arresting Barnsby. The Pinkertons later took him to the Peterson's Grand Saloon in Raytown, Arizona.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

In 1866, Ray and Thomas McCall were tasked by Juan Mendoza to head to Raytown to rescue a gun runner who was captured by the Pinkertons. Mendoza explained that he had 300 rifles with him they would buy and trade to an Apache tribe in exchange for the location of the medallion.

Some of Juarez' bandits attacked the town, providing Ray and Thomas a safe route into the town. Ray and Thomas entered the town jail killing Pinkertons and Raytown lawmen in the process. Finding nothing, the two brothers headed for the saloon killing more Pinkertons and lawmen, and blowing up a TNT storage shed. The brothers managed to rescue the gun runner, gunning down more lawmen and Pinkerton agents.

However, the Pinkerton's leader remained, and challenged one of the brothers to a duel in the process. However, his expertise wasn't enough to match wits against the McCall brother who shot him dead.


The Pinkerton agent was an impatient man who would do anything to kill the McCall brothers.


The Pinkerton agent was an older man in his forties-early fifties. He wore a white jacket, blue shirt, grey trousers, and brown boots. Pinned to his chest was a badge. He had grey hair slicked back, and a thick mustache.


  • The Pinkerton agent's name is not known.
  • The agent will drop his revolver (a Ranger), two to three boxes of Pistol Ammo, and a throwing knife.