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Tim Powell was the town sheriff of Hope, Texas, and husband to Mrs. Powell in Call of Juarez. He is killed in Episode III of the game while trying to pacify Reverend Ray McCall.

Call of Juarez[]

Sheriff Powell first appears on the bridge leading into Hope, coldly greeting Billy Candle upon his return home and confiscating his gun on account of his poor reputation and Mexican heritage.

After Billy is seen fleeing from the gruesome murders of Thomas and Marisa McCall, Powell anticipates that Ray would likely pursue Billy, and intercepts him on the steps of the chapel. After he insists Ray leave the matter with him and attempts to confiscate Ray's twin revolvers ("hog legs"), he is shot and killed from behind by miners congregating at the scene, who flee and begin rioting in town.

The Reverend later hears the cries of Powell's wife while battling miners and saves her from an attempted rape, recieving the late sheriff's jail key and sentiment that he is the town's last remaining hope.


Powell was vigilant in his duty as a frontier sheriff, though perhaps overzealous in assuring the town's safety. As the town's authority figure, he was opposed to frontier traditions of vigilante justice, and seems to have made a habit of confiscating firearms from less reputable civilians. He also shares in the town's collective discrimination against Billy Candle due to his Mexican heritage, and seems to blame him for the murders of his parents without permissible evidence.


"You are not the law Ray. You need to let the law handle this!" To Reverend Ray