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William: "What are you doing here Thomas? Why'd you two come back, did you desert? Thomas?!"
Thomas: "We didn't desert our family, and in this world that's all that matters." -Thomas McCall to William McCall.

Thomas McCall (1831-1884) was the secondary protagonist in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He was the brother of Ray and William McCall, and later husband of Marisa and stepfather of Billy Candle. He was voiced by Zach Hanks.

Early Life[]

The second son of a Georgia plantation owner, Thomas was always in the shadow of his older brother, mainly because their father molded Ray into a role model for him and William. Because of this, Thomas was much closer to his mother than his father. His father also beat him as discipline. Although he was instilled with family values at home, he became a loner. During the Civil War he fought in the Confederate army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

Act I: We Are Family[]


In 1864, Thomas and his brother Ray were among the Confederate soldiers defending the Chattahoochee River. Ray realized Union soldiers had gotten past their men at the river, among them Thomas, and concerned for him Ray left his post with their commander's blessing. He fought his way through Union forces to his brother. Thomas jokingly beraded him for being late, and together with his men they destroyed the bridge the Union forces were using for their primary force. They held the line and waited for reinforcements Barnsby had promised, but Sergeant O'Donnell came as a messenger and told them Barnsby had ordered a full retreat.

Despite Ray's protest that they were holding the line, O'Donnell still insisted they abide by the Colonel's command. The brothers pulled their guns on the Sergeant and gave him a message to deliver to Barnsby, that they were taking leave to defend their home. After he rode off, Thomas noted Barnsby would have them hung. Ray mused only if he caught them. The brothers returned to their family farm, and at Thomas's encouragment they saved their neighbor Pitt Jackson from Union soldiers. He revealed that the soldiers had taken over the McCalls' home and were having a party. After fighting their way inside their house, one of the few remaining soldiers revealed they had William and their mother, and threatened to kill them. Ray attempted to reason with the man while Thomas snuck around to the back door using the balcony. With perfect unison they invaded the room and shot the captors dead. William sorrowfully told them that their mother had passed away during the night. He asked Thomas why they came back, and if they deserted. Thomas replied they didn't desert their family, that in this world that's all that mattered.

Damn Brother, Save Some For Me!.jpg

The McCall brothers escaped, Ray promising both to himself and his siblings they would return one day, and rebuild their home. Roughly a year later, in 1865 the brothers were drifting through Fort Smith, Arkansas. Betsy, Marshal Mike's daughter caught the attention of both Thomas and Ray by flirting. Thomas took her up on her promiscious offer, which would later spark a brawl between the two brothers in the local saloon. William broke up the fight and Ray explained why they were fighting, before the Marshal showed up outside yelling for McCall. Ray and Thomas stepped outside, followed by William. When he asked which one violated his daughter, Ray falsely claimed it was him. Thomas said he was lying and told the truth, then Ray suggested it might've been both of them, much to Thomas's chagrin. William tried to convince the Marshall that he represented the law, and had to keep calm. Mike ignored his pleas, then removed his badge and cast it away. Mike was killed in the subsequent duel, afterwards the brothers had to flee the wrath of the townsmen. After their escape Ray told them he'd heard of a legend about ancient gold located in Juarez, Mexico that would grant unimaginable wealth to those who found it. Ray's intention was to use the gold to rebuild their homestead. Before starting out on their journey Ray warned Thomas saying that if he ever got between him and another woman, he would take his life.

At some point during their time as fugitives, the McCalls escaped a fierce storm in the abandoned Black River Mine in Texas. Afterwards, the trio got jobs running cattle over the border.

Act II: She Looked Like An Angel[]

The McCalls Observe Devlin's Operation.jpg

One year later, the brothers were relaxing in Gros Coyotes Cantina in San Lorenzo, when a beautiful woman entered the establishment, catching the eyes of Thomas, Ray and two other men. She spoke to the bartender briefly, and then turned to leave to only to be stopped by two ruffians. One of them said that Devlin would like to see her in his bed wearing nothing but a smile. Ray one of the men dead, but the other grabbed her and escaped while his allies occupied the McCall brothers. The battle poured out into the streets of San Lorenzo, with Ray and Thomas taking down all who opposed their rescue attempt. Eventually they caught up with the man who introduced himself as "the Rattler", his name coming from how fast his draw was. He boasted of being wanted from Colorado to Texas, killing a Texas Ranger in El Paso and the Jericho Kid in Abilene, but neither of the brothers had heard of him and chose instead to mock him; angering the gunslinger. The Rattler challenged one of the brothers to a duel, and was killed. The brothers saw the woman in the distance escaping into a church, and fought their way to her. Thomas and his older brother held off the remaining attackers while protecting William and the woman for a while before a Mexican man and another showed up, flanking and killing the last of their enemies.

The Mexican made himself known as Juan Mendoza, and Ray introduced himself and his brothers in return. Juan thanked them for rescuing Marisa, and invited them to his Alcazar for a little celebration. Seeing Marisa's flirtation with him, Ray agreed. William sarcastically thanked Ray, and said he should ask them next time before agreeing to break bread with a bandit. Thomas retorted they didn't seem like such a bad sort, and in surprise William wondered if he trusted them. Thomas corrected him, that he didn't say that.

Much later, Thomas, Ray and William listened to Juarez as he told them he invited them because he had something he needed done, and believed they were the men for the job. He explained that the men they gunned down worked for Devlin, a man who was blowing up every mountain south of the border looking for a treasure that Juarez wanted for himself. He offered them part of the treasure, in exchange for Devlin's removal. Thomas wondered how he even knew there was a treasure, Juarez assured them it was real. Ray inquired as to Devlin's location, to William's protest. Juarez said they would be doing the people there a great favor by getting rid of Devlin, William responded that his brothers didn't need more blood on their hands. Juarez stated they all had blood on their hands, and one day he would as well, then that it would be enough if Devlin and his men just returned to where they came from.


Before they went out on their assignment, William tried to dissuade them from doing it, but Ray and Thomas pointed out Devlin was in fact an evil man whom wouldn't be missed by anyone. Gunning for Devlin, the brothers made their way past the Irishman's henchmen and managed to corner Devlin and his bodyguard. In a duel with one of them, the bodyguard was shot dead leaving only Devlin, whom Ray killed despite the protests of William, who had caught up them.

They met up with Juarez later, who thanked them for taking care of Devlin and claimed that they would soon be rewarded for their efforts. Ray inquired if he thought the treasure was in Devlin's mine, to which Juarez answered if they followed his map they would be searching for the next 300 years. He had a different approach and introduced them to Seeing Farther. The newcomer explained that his people had the medallion, which would reveal where the treasure was hidden. Ray wondered why they had not used it themselves and the newcomer said it was cursed and had brought nothing but misery to his people, the Apache. Suspiciously Ray wondered since when Apaches had blue eyes. Seeing Farther alleged that his mother was white, but his father was Running River the Apache Chief, and so he was not 'a white dog'. Angerily Ray walked forward with ill intent but was stopped by Juarez, who said they were all friends.

Act III: I Don't Know Who You Two Are Anymore[]

Creating an Entrance.jpg

The McCall brothers, Seeing Farther, Marisa, Juarez and a handful of his men set off. Ray was infatuated with Marisa and watched her often. The group set up camp outside of Tucson, and Mendoza went into town alone to speak with his gunrunner. When he returned he informed the McCall brothers that the Pinkertons had caught up with his gunrunner and had him imprisoned, and that the rifles had been confiscated as well. Ray said they would bust him out, and later Ray and Thomas headed down into the town and fought against countless lawmen before reaching their target, facing a Pinkerton Agent in a showdown, one he did not walk away from. The mysterious gunrunner led them to two wagons containing over three hundred rifles, which they escaped on successfully completing the mission.

While waiting for Juarez to return, Ray boasted of Marisa's promise to run away with him if he could get the medallion, and that he was taking the gold, and the girl and no one would stand in his way. Thomas said nothing, and rode off to Juarez's campsite with great conviction. He confronted Marisa, who said he shouldn't be there out of fear Juan's men would see them together. He expressed disgust and hurt that Marisa had sold herself to Ray for the gold, but she claimed she told him to take it. Thomas asked for himself, or for her, and she replied for both of them, all of them. Thomas inquired about Juarez, Marisa said that Ray claimed he would kill him, and that she didn't want Thomas to fight Juan because she didn't want him to get hurt. Thomas replied inquiringly if she thought it was okay for Ray to get hurt. Marisa said she wasn't in love with Ray, and the two shared a passionate kiss.

Eventually the three brothers headed for the meeting with Juarez. Inside a building Ray said they were looking for Juarez, and he asked if he'd pulled out. Colonel Barnsby turned around revealing his identity and said that Mendoza had decided to continue his journey without them. Two men on either side of the brothers pointed guns at their heads. Barnsby explained Juarez didn't like the idea at first, but he convinced him it would be in his best interest to leave them behind. Barnsby said he swore an oath on the Confederate flag that he would hunt down every deserter who fled his command, that because of men like them Atlanta burned, his wife and children murdered in their beds.

At a later time, the brothers were tied up in a shack and interrogated by Barnsby. Thomas was beaten as Barnsby demanded to know why Juarez needed the weapons. The Colonel said that since there were three of them, if he had to beat one of them death it really wasn't a problem, for him. O’Donnell nearly struck Thomas again before Barnsby signaled him to stop, as William had blurted out it was payment for the medallion. He explained there was

Chapter IX.jpg

a legend about gold hidden in the hills outside Juarez, the medallion was the key to finding it. The Colonel wondered why Juarez would buy rusted rifles worth almost nothing. William answered Apaches, Juarez was swindling them. He said the bandit was headed for Apache territory in northern Arizona. Barnsby left, telling O’Donnell to hang them, and William, for aiding and embedding traitors to their 'glorious cause'. After they were gone Ray began interrogating William as to how he knew about the rifles. Thomas said he told him, and then Ray asked how he knew, but his brother didn't reply. William freed his hands using a saw overlooked by the guards and then freed his brothers, who busted a guard approaching the shack over the head with a chair and then retrieved their weapons. The McCalls fought their way down the cliffside's scaffolding and eventually into an elevator. Their foes attempted to use barrels of explosives to destroy the elevator but the brothers shot them, causing them all to explode before they could destroy the lift. After finally reaching solid ground they stole three horses and eluded snipers.

Act IV: Deeper Into A Wilderness[]

Chapter XI.jpg

The McCalls tracked Juarez down and he claimed that he had no idea Barnsby wanted them dead, that he had also been lied to. Since Juarez had Marisa and was leading them to the medallion, Thomas and Ray kept the peace. Seeing Farther disappeared one night, leaving the group without a guide and giving them no choice but to continue on without him. William revealed that Seeing Farther told him the Apaches were at the weeping rock. Thomas and Ray traversed to a higher view point to try and locate it. Ray questioned again how he knew about the rifles, Thomas said Ray talked too much to which he replied he talked too little. They saw the weeping rock in the distance but could plainly see they would have to go around the hills to get to it. They returned and continued onward with the group. Pancho, one of Juarez’s men thought he saw an Indian in the forest off the road, and one of the McCalls investigated, finding only a bird. A short time later they spotted a Comanche scout. At a river crossing Juarez's wagon became lodged in the mud. When the McCalls and one of Juan's men got out to push it, Comanches attacked, causing the horses of the other wagon to bolt, carrying the rifles, William and Marisa with them. Ray and Thomas pursued, Juarez and his remaining associates stayed behind to free the other wagon. Eventually the brothers reached the wagon which had been apprehended by the Comanche.

William ran down a path to the left, and Marisa headed right. Ray went after the third McCall while Thomas rescued Marisa, both agreed to meet up at the wagon. Thomas fought through Comanche warriors to Marisa, and then began to lead her back to the wagon. She asked if he was jealous of her and Juan, and he said maybe, and that whatever happened he would protect her. Ray and William appeared and the former said she already had a good protector, and reiterated his earlier warning to Thomas in Arkansas. The four returned to Juarez and then pursued the pilfered wagon, catching up to and retrieving it. A McCall took the Gatling Gun and shot down countless Comanche horsemen before they could reach the second wagon, and at a certain point they ceased pursuit, as the intrepid travelers had entered Apache territory.

After stopping to rest they were confronted by Apache whom trained their bows on the group. Running River and Seeing Farther approached them, and the latter said that there would be no deal, Juarez attempted to trick them and that none of the rifles worked. Running River ordered their deaths, but Seeing Farther intervened and said that William was the one who told him about the rifles. Running River asked what his reward should be, William stated his companions’ lives. Running River mused William's heart was so big it covered his eyes, but since he was Seeing Farther's friend he would do as he wished. Seeing Farther told Juarez to leave their land, that they would take his weapons, horses, wagons, and Marisa as ransom. Juan said nothing in protest, telling Marisa that she was the only one who could've betrayed him. Running River affirmed the McCalls could stay in their camp and rest their horses, but should not expect hospitality.

Seeing Farther asked to see them some time later, and informed the McCalls he knew why they were there, and would help them get the medallion. Ray wondered why he would want to do that, and the Apache replied because his father would use it to purchase rifles for war against the whites, a war which would see the end of the Apache. He told them he would show them where it was, and explained that the medallion was cursed and brought a great sickness to their village, many perished and one of the survivors traded it to the Navajo for food. They too were ravaged by sickness and their medicine man saw the item had dark powers, so the Navajo drowned in a lake high in the mountains where they still guarded it.

Thomas was suspicious and questioned how they knew he wasn’t sending them to die in the mountains. Seeing Farther retorted he would be accompanying them to show them its location, and Ray said if it was a trick, it would be the last one he’d pull. The McCalls followed their guide by way of a gray coyote, that Seeing Farther claimed was the spirit of his great grandfather, who led them a dam. Later Ray used explosives and destroyed it, releasing the river. After arriving at their target, the Navajo warriors gathered but didn’t attack, refusing to shed blood on their sacred ground. The McCalls said if the Navajo didn't, they would, and proceeded to kill them.

Chapter XIII.jpg

Ray and Thomas argued over who would carry the medallion, but they agreed to let Seeing Farther take the medallion, and they escaped through the dam on a canoe. Thomas noted they owed his great grandfather a debt of gratitude, Seeing Farther claimed he didn't want it, because they had violated the sacred ground of the Navajo, and exclaimed they were like two mad wolves clawing at each other's throats. After returning to William with the medallion in hand, Ray and Thomas began arguing again over who would carry it. Seeing Farther said they were not worthy and would kill each other over it, instead gave it to William. He told the brothers he would teach William its secret, and without him they would never find the treasure. Ray brought up Marisa, and said they wouldn't leave without her. The Apache said he would lead her out, but the brothers would have to distract the braves guarding her by fighting, and mused they were both there for her. Ray questioned aloud what Seeing Farther meant by his comment, but Thomas didn't reply and walked out of the tent.

Thomas was confronted by Ray about what Seeing Farther said, his brother revealed that Marisa only said she wanted to be with Ray hoping he’d kill Juarez. Ray said that Marisa was his, Thomas revealed she was the one who told him about Juarez’s plan. A fight ensued, but before it could come to a conclusion, Colonel Barnsby and his men began assaulting the Apache camp. Thomas and Ray worked together and brought down a landslide on their cannons, which slowed them down some. Once the fighting ceased Barnsby approached the McCalls and Running River and announced he was there for the medallion, and if Running River handed it over he'd exchange it for something the Chief held dearly. One of his men revealed a captured Seeing Farther.

Running River said that Seeing Farther was Apache, and would face death bravely. Barnsby replied that his village was destroyed, his people were dead and Seeing Farther was the last male heir. Running River hesitated before saying he would get the medallion. Barnsby said for Running River to bring the medallion to the ghost settlement before sundown the next day, or Seeing Farther would die. The Chief prepared to go and retrieve it, Thomas said it wasn't where he thought it was. Running River asked who would dare take it, Ray responded his son.

The next day, outside the ghost settlement Ray mused Seeing Farther was with William and Marisa, if he didn't make it to the waterfall they might not have either. Thomas queried if he thought they were dead, Ray said it would be his guess. Thomas said it was high time Colonel Barnsby met his maker, his brother agreed, although said he didn't want to see Thomas again after it was all over. After arriving inside the ghost town the McCalls heard O’Donnell commenting on them finding their way back to their old squad. They began searching houses for the Sergeant, fighting through former Confederate forces. At the saloon they were confronted by Barnsby, who demanded the medallion. He said he would get it if he had to pry it from their corpses, and ordered his men to kill the McCalls. After disposing of the enemies and bursting into the saloon, O’Donnell came up behind them and requested a fair fight, one on one, and that if he won they would give him the medallion, if he lost they would get Seeing Farther. The McCalls stepped outside, unaware of one of O’Donnell’s men above them on the balcony, rifle in hand.

Thomas McCall VS O'Donnell.jpg

Running River killed the man with his bow and stated that now it was a fair fight. O’Donnell was killed in the showdown by a McCall. Barnsby queried from the top floor of the saloon if they still wanted “their Indian” and gunshots were heard. Running River and the brothers rushed into the saloon and to the dying Apache. Ray said for the Chief to stay with him, the brothers would make sure that Barnsby paid for his deeds. Barnsby's soldiers attacked the McCalls after they exited the saloon, giving the Colonel time to retreat back to a church where his army of dissidents chose to fortify themselves. The McCalls easily took out the troops and then captured Barnsby alive, tied him up and returned him to Running River.

Seeing Farther said that Juarez had captured them and traded just him to Barnsby in exchange for horses. He confessed it was he who led them to the medallion, that he betrayed the Apache. Running River said it was not Seeing Farther who betrayed their people, it was himself; that his son knew what would happen and warned him, because he was Seeing Farther, a true Apache. Seeing Farther died, Running River brought out his knife and turned to the helpless Colonel. The McCalls left the saloon, outside Thomas said that William might still be alive, that they had to save him. Ray mused that Juarez had the girl and the medallion, everything he wanted. He pondered what in the hell they had done.

Act V: My Faith Is My Shield[]

Route of Attack.jpg

Thomas and Ray observed Juarez's Alcazar from a distance planning their route of attack, Ray warned his brother that they would bring everything they had on him, and he wouldn't be there to cover him. Thomas said not to worry, and for him to just find William. After hesitating he said he didn't tell Ray the entire truth at the Apache camp, and that he didn't mean to fall in love with Marisa, it just happened. Ray answered it wasn't the time, the only thing that mattered then was William. Thomas agreed.

Thomas made his way inside the Alcazar using his lasso and engaged Juarez's thugs in his search for horses for them to escape on. He successfully located three horses and led them into a barn near the main entrance. More of Juarez's men set the barn on fire when he returned to it with the third horse, but he put the fire out, and then killed his opponents. A Mexican challenged him to a duel which Thomas accepted, one that resulted in his victory. Impatiently he waited for Ray, and was approached by Marisa. She said that Juarez killed William, and enraged Thomas demanded to know where Juarez was. Marisa said they had to leave, and revealed the medallion. Thomas asked about Ray, and Marisa retorted they couldn't wait for him. Defiantly Thomas moved past her intending to retrieve Ray, and said he couldn't leave his brother behind. Marisa asked if Thomas really thought he'd let them be together, he'd kill them both. Thomas stated William was the only one who knew how to use the medallion, but Marisa claimed she also knew how, because she'd heard the stories since she was young, and knew where to find the gold. Thomas and Marisa set off together, leaving Ray and together they found the three graves spoken of in the legend, and located the entrance to a cavern, that would lead them to the Gold of Juarez. At the bottom of the spiral staircase in the chamber housing the gold, they stood admiring it.

Ray and William came up behind them, and Ray said he warned him what would happen if he stole another woman from him while pointing his gun at Thomas. Thomas pulled out his own gun, aiming it Ray and was shocked to see William alive. Ray said he loved them and they lied to and betrayed him. Thomas demanded to know what Ray wanted from him, and he replied justice. William stepped in front of Ray’s gun and stated he wouldn’t let him kill Thomas, to get to Thomas, he would have to get past him. Ray told him to get out of the way. He said Ray knew what he was capable of, and was reaching on three. Thomas lowered his weapon and tried to tell Ray he didn't have a gun. When William counted down to three he reached for his bible, Ray shot him. In torment Ray dropped to his knees grasping his head, still clinging his gun. William’s bible landed in front of Jeremy Barnsby, who said that he was never one to be superstitious but maybe the gold was cursed.

Chapter XIV Thomas.jpg

Ray asked how it was he was still breathing, the Colonel said Running River cut his binds and set him free without a word why. He claimed it must’ve been God’s will, using the treasure he’d restore the Confederacy and the South would rise again. Thomas said he’d lost his mind. Barnsby retreated and told his troops to kill them. Thomas instructed Marisa to run to the top of the spiral stairs. A trap was somehow triggered and the room began filling with sand at an alarming rate. Thomas and Ray heard Marisa cry for help and followed her path up to the top of the staircase where Barnsby and his men had captured her. Ray and Thomas killed the last of the Colonel’s soldiers, and Barnsby proposed a showdown between himself and one of them. One of the brothers engaged in a duel with him the mad Colonel and at long last killed him. His body dropped over the edge and was lost to the sands. Ray, Thomas and Marisa then escaped. Ray, Thomas and Marisa left the gold, knowing it was cursed an covered the entrance with a large stone. William’s sacrifice caused a shift in Ray’s personality, he became a preacher and put away his guns. He wed Thomas and Marisa, and the three moved to Hope, Texas.


Thomas' preferred weapons were rifles and bows, making him deadly in long range combat. Thomas could not dual wield revolvers like his brother, and often used his lasso to reach higher places.

His Concentration Mode slows down time, automatically picking up to six targets to shoot, in the order of how close they are to the player. To fire during bullet time, the player has to stimulate the action of pulling a revolver's hammer by moving the mouse backwards in quick motion to get as many shots in as possible, given the time limit.

Call of Juarez[]


Thomas beat his stepson Billy Candle, who was the child of Juarez, daily beginning at an unknown point. He also beat his wife Marisa. In 1882, the three were sitting at the dinner table one morning, after saying grace Thomas told Billy that he needed him to go into town to pick up horse feed, and not to be wasting time fooling around with "that slut". This enraged Billy and Thomas demanded to know if he was giving him attitude. Billy asked his mother if he had to take it, and Thomas knocked him over telling him to watch his mouth, and further insulted him saying he was lazy, stupid and worthless; that he was nothing and always would be. Billy ran out of the house and ignored Thomas's demand that he not walk away while he was talking to him.

He went in pursuit of Billy, yelling that if he couldn't talk sense into him, he'd beat it into him and chased him into the barn. Billy attempted to escape his pursuer by jumping up to the hayloft, but Thomas used a whip to bring him down. When he tried to strike Billy, the young man grabbed the end of the whip and yanked it out of Thomas's hand, instead striking him with it. Enraged Thomas yelled he would be sorry he was ever born, and Billy replied he already was, and he noticed his mother standing in the doorway. With his attention turned, Thomas grabbed a pitchfork and tried to run Billy through, but he used the whip to escape the attack, and to land on a horse's back. His stepfather shouted that if he left then to never come back. Billy rode off, saying that was fine with him, that he'd prove he was twice the man Thomas ever was and find the Gold of Juarez. Marisa asked why he was so cruel to Billy, and Thomas replied he was teaching him to be a man, but that he was a lost cause, and was bad to the bone just like his father.

He and Marisa were confronted by Tom Manson, Ty Stewart and the McLyde brothers in 1884, whom were sent by Juarez to kill them and retrieve the medallion. Thomas was fatally shot by the intruders, and without a way to get to a weapon and with the attackers focused on raping Marisa, all he could do was spell 'Call of Juarez' on the barn door as a signal for his brother Ray. Billy later found him dead propped up against the barn door with Marisa in front of him, and unfortunately Ray failed to understand the sign his brother had left.


Killed By[]

When Thomas was visited by the four, he was fatally shot by them. Before he succumbs to his wounds, he spelt "Call of Juarez" on the barn door as a signal for his brother, Ray. Thomas soon dies along with Marisa.


Thomas Full View.jpg

Thomas had near shoulder length dark brown hair, short mustache and beard. He wore a tan cowboy hat and long sleeve jacket, a white shirt and black vest with holsters for numerous throwing knives, blue jeans, two gun belts and brown boots. Sixteen years later, he'd gained a vast amount of weight and grew a large beard, and longer hair. Despite his weight he was still very strong. By the time of his death, Thomas lost much of his weight, was balding, and had shaved his beard.


Thomas was secretive, cherishing self-control and independence. He was a ladies' man and often used his charms to compete with his brother Ray. He was somewhat less aggressive than his elder brother, and cared greatly for his siblings. Being a Lothario and living for the chase, Thomas's life as a farmer married to Marisa was unfulfilling to him, but he never left because he knew it would enrage Ray. It was because of this he became an alchoholic and developed a violent streak. He was an abusive father towards Billy (as his own father was to him) because every time he looked at him he saw Juarez, knowing that he wasn't his real son. He also beat Marisa.