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The Plague was a notorious outlaw gang during and before the events of Call of Juarez. The gang was led by Ned "The Plague". The gang itself was comprised of many American and Mexican outlaws. It is unknown when the gang was formed, but the gang was active at least since 1867, all the way until it's extinction in 1884.

Call of Juarez[]

A few days after he was accused of murder, Billy Candle planned on heading for the Black River Mine, and hitching a ride on the train to San Jose to visit Molly Ferguson. However, to his dismay, the Plague was setting up camp to rob the train. Billy managed to get through their various camps and had jumped onto the train, nearly catching a bullet by Reverend Ray who had spotted him.

Earlier, Ray had decided to go through the mine (mentioning that years ago, him and his brothers hid out in the mine during a storm) while in pursuit of Billy, and dealt with the outlaws hiding out in the various tunnels and passageways. Ray also came into contact with Ned. After Billy narrowly escaped, Ray was confronted by Ned once more. Ned challenged him to a duel and was shot down. Dying, Ned revealed that outlaws were down by a bridge and planned to rob the train there.

The following morning, Ray found the train and fought off the outlaws with help from the soldiers (led by Lt. Matthew Parker). Ray then asked the engineer about the whereabouts of Billy, when the last remaining outlaw called out to the him saying that he would "end this here and now". It would be the last mistake the outlaw made.


  • Cox- A spotter, he was in charge of the bandits making camp in the forest surrounding the Black River Mine.
  • Sanchez- An outlaw who was teased at for "pissing" himself.
  • Eli- A presumably alcoholic member, found dead by an embankment.
  • Rodriguez- An outlaw who was struck by lightning in 1867.
  • O'Neill- An outlaw who years earlier worked in the gang and had a mental disability after an accident in the mine.


  • It is unconfirmed if the outlaws encountered in Episode VI are from Ned's Gang, or another they may have teamed up with.