The Magnificent One is the only chapter in Episode 3 of Call of Juarez: GunslingerSilas Greaves claimed he was responsible for the kill of Henry Plummer the corrupt sheriff as a bounty hunter.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Although not by intention, the killing of Curly Bill and Johnny Ringo did bring Silas a hefty sum of money. Feeling a large fund was needed for his pursuit for Bob, Silas 'officially' took the job as a bounty hunter.

Henry Plummer was among the first of his prey. Plummer had a reputation of exploiting miners to get rich. Especially since the bounty was pooled by families of Plummer's victims, Silas was somewhat obliged to take him down.

Plummer hired a bunch of drifters, most of whom were civil war veterans, to protect him. Silas had a hard time dealing with the desperados, but eventually ended up victorious. He also must find a way to get into the gold mine. As he accessed the situation, he came to conclusion that going through the mineshaft was not feasible, and eventually overcame his fear of heights and reached Plummer in the most daring way.

In the ensuing battle, Silas was disadvantaged as he was positioned in a pit, attacked by Plummer and his goons from above with dynamites and guns. Against all odds, Silas won the battle with superior tactics and greater marksmanship.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Silas visualizes how it would be if he chose to reach the Plummer through mine portals. In that scenario, he will eventually be killed by a fallen mine cart as he jumps into a stream to avoid the mine explosion. The "you are dead" game over scene is as authentic as can be, Bear in mind it's just a part of a scripted event.
  • Plummer's boss battle is also heavily scripted. After he takes certain damage he will become temporarily invincible. Silas must defeat all his goons first before he can inflict more damage to the boss.
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