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Billy and Molly[]

It is largely implied that Billy was in love with Molly. In the prologue to Episode I it states "Did meet a girl though. Molly. Damn she was pretty. Didn't work out though, her father saw to that."

True. Billy had a "romantic relationship", or if not, the story is trying to tell that. At least the European story. On Episode VII, it is stated "Gotta find Molly. Molly'll believe me". After that episode starts, Billy says "Her dad won't though. Ferguson hired me to work his spread and fired me after he found out what was going on between me and his precious daughter. Guess he didn't like the idea of a Mexican in the family..." Later on the same episode, he says "Just a few more miles and I'll be seeing her pretty face. She didn't judge me and I didn't judge her. We just saw each other for who we were. Not her father, though. Her father just couldn't get past the colour of my skin." and again "Chat was the ranch foreman and Ferguson's lacky. He was always hitting on Molly and didn't like the fact that she had eyes on me. One day, he saw us behind the stables and ran to Ferguson. I only ever kissed her. Never did nothing else, but her old man didn't care. He was fit to be tied. He fired my ass and told Chat to escort me off the property." In the end, Molly and Billy are at the funeral of Ray together. Happy end? -- Frozen Jese 16:54, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

He and Molly likely married. But that category does not fit our manual of style and is badly written. The information on their romance will go under Call of Juarez when I get to rewriting her article.Foreborn 18:13, April 28, 2011 (UTC)