The Norinco NDM-86 sniper rifle, incorrectly referred to as the SVD, is a weapon featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel.
Norinco NDM-86


The Norinco NDM-86, is a Chinese copy of the Dragunov. The noticeable differences being the Norinco has a closed front sight, and a straighter magazine. The Dragunov was designed as a squard support weapon. It uses a short-stroke gas-piston system. The barrel breech is locked through a rotating bolt and uses three locking lugs to engage corresponding locking recesses in the barrel and also has a two-pison gas regulator. The Dragunov's reciever is very similar to the AK-47. The Dragunov has a detachable 10-round magazine.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

The SVD is first used by an Araña sniper during the Interagency Task Force's raid on the Port of Los Angeles. It is later the main sniper rifle used by enemies. It is seen wielded by Kim Evans during many cutscenes, and is her preferred weapon (along with the 92FS). The SVD carries 5 rounds. It is unlocked by completing the mission "Convoy".


  • Araña gangsters