The Rifleman is one of four multiplayer classes in Call of Juarez, and one of thirteen in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. In the former he uses a Classic Rifle and two Border Guns, in Bound in Blood the Border Guns are replaced by two Classic Guns. Compared to the Scout, he is more durable and has an additional Classic Gun which he can dual wield at the cost of the scope on the Classic Rifle. With the superior reload speed of Quickshooters, the Rifleman's dual wielding is inferior to the Gunslinger. However, the Rifleman is more effective at longer ranges by use of the Classic Rifle. This class shares his model with the Gunslinger, Pitt Jackson and Freeman. The Rifleman's name could be a reference to the American program called "The Rifleman" set in the Old West which ran from 1958-1963.


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