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The Classic Rifle, shortened to Rifle in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the most commonly found rifle in each game it appears in. It is based on the Winchester rifle series, more specifically the 1892 model.


The original Winchester rifle- the Winchester Model 1866- was famous for its rugged construction and lever-action mechanism that allowed the rifleman to fire a number of shots before having to reload: hence the term, "repeating rifle." Nelson King's new improved patent remedied flaws in the Henry rifle by incorporating a loading gate on the side of the frame and integrating a round sealed magazine which was covered by a fore stock. Originally chambered in the rimfire .44 Henry, the Model 1866 was nicknamed the "Yellow Boy" because of its "brass" receiver (actually a bronze alloy called gunmetal).

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

The Classic Rifle is the most common weapon found in game next to the peacemaker, notably it is used by the

Classic rifle with scope.

Confederate and Union soldiers during the first two episodes, and later on by many bandits and lawmen. The Classic Rifle is anachronistic, as the real-world rifle didn't appear until 1892 (Although the first lever-action Winchester was the Model 1866). There is a variant of the Classic Rifle that has a scope, which is only found in multiplayer. There is probably only one piece in single player, in chapter VI, if you search well, you can get rusty classic scoped rifle from one of the snipers (may not work all time).

Call of Juarez[]

The Classic Rifle appears as the main two handed weapon of enemies. A scoped variant is found in Episode VI and episode XIV. Conditions available are Rusty, normal and Prime (although as with all weapons, Prime is never found in Very Hard mode). Again anachronistic.


  • Even though it is anachronistic, the Classic Rifle was based off of the Winchester Model 1892 due to it being the most popular rifle to appear in Western films (the reason being was the Winchester 1892 was in production up to World War II, leaving large quantities of guns that looked 'old west' but was comparatively cheap)
  • A glitch appears in Call of Juarez with the Classic Rifle. If one presses the fire button quickly between shots, the game skips over the sound of the lever being used, producing very fast shots.
  • Despite having the loading gate on the side, the Rifle is loaded through the bottom in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.