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Raytown is a town featured in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Call of Juarez: The Cartel. It is located in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


It is unknown when Raytown was built, but the town was inhabited as far back as 1861. The town was a boomtown that recieved much of its income from a gold mine.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

Ray and Thomas McCall are tasked with rescuing a gun runner who was captured by the Pinkertons and sent to


prison. The brothers storm the town fighting off Pinkerton agents and Raytown's lawmen. The duo manage to rescue the gun runner from Peterson's Grand Saloon and ride off with the gun runner's weapons.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel[]

By 2011. the town is mostly in ruins (sometime pre-1900 the gold mine closed), and the canyon that the town is near is facing mass erosion, and several sections of the town has cracks split open from earthquakes. The Interagency Task Force travels there to get details on the whereabouts of Jessica Stone, Eddie Guerra disguised as Jesús Mendoza, Kim Evans as a "friend", and Ben McCall as a weapons specialist name Harris.

The trio are also there to meet Michael Duke, CEO of PEacekeepers International, a recently bankrupt Private Military Company gone rogue. Duke is intending on selling his weapons to the Mendoza Cartel.

Raytown CoJ3.jpg

Kim separates from the group with Alvarez. Alvarez tells Kim that he will give up the location of Jess, so long as he is protected from Ben. Kim reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Ben test the weapons, and Duke insists on releasing live targets (captured Vatos Locos gangbangers). However, the thugs manage to subdue their captors, and instigate a large shootout in the ghost town.

The shootout ends at the ruins of the Peterson's Grand Saloon with the Task Force, Alvarez, and Duke trapped inside. The team manages to extinguish the threat.

Eddie insists on finishing the deal, but Duke refuses, instead asking for the Gold of Juarez. He explains to Eddie that his "father" can rob the museum that is exhibiting the treasure. As Duke leaves, Ben makes a call to Juan Mendoza asking to make a hostage exchange with Mendoza's son and Jess. Mendoza agrees, and tells Ben to meet him at Lago Seca in three days.


  • While in The Cartel the town is described as being in Colorado, the Grand Canyon isn't located in Colorado. Also, in the introduction to the mission, the yellow GPS dot is in northern Arizona. Most likely, the developers had intended the mission info in the pre-mission lobby to say "Colorado River" which does flow through the Grand Canyon.
  • This is one of two locations, (the other being Juarez' Alcazar) to be featured in more than one Call of Juarez game.
  • The town is completely fictional.