The Rattlesnake (genera: Crotalus) is a venomous snake featured as a dangerous animal in Call of Juarez.


Rattlesnakes like most snakes are limbless reptiles, and will flex their muscles to slither across the ground. Rattlesnakes like most pit vipers, have to organs in their head to detect thermal radiation. The fangs are connected to two organs above the roof of the mouth, and when a victim is bitten, the snake injects hemotoxin into them. This usally results in the death of most small animals, and unless the victim is treated, can also be fatal to humans.

Call of JuarezEdit

When Billy is tasked by Calm Water to ascend Eagle Mountain to collect an eagle feather to test his bravery. Billy comes across four snakes, and optionally a fifth snake in a cave (which is hiding a secret).

Combat TipsEdit

Rattlesnakes are generally harmless like wolves. However, four to five bites will kill Billy. The whip is the only thing in Billy's possession, so the player will have to use that. Additionally, Billy may have obtained a weapon whilst travelling, which he can use.


  • Rattlesnakes are more venomous in real-life than they are in game. A single bite would in reality result in death if left untreated. However, rattlesnakes will not always release venom (these bites are referred to as "dry-bites".
  • Rattlesnakes were originally going to appear in Bound in Blood but were cut for an unknown reason. They

    A Rattlesnake from Bound in Blood (Cut content).

    were cut late in production, as a detailed 3D model can be found on the internet. Rattlesnakes were also going to appear in Call of Juarez: The Cartel, but were also cut. However, models can be found in the game's files.
  • An outlaw working for Devlin in Bound in Blood calls himself the "Rattler". He replies "because that's how fast I am." This is certainly true to new players as there is zero room for error in his duel.