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The Rattler in Gros Coyotes Cantina.

Thomas: "Come on Ray!"
Ray: "Easy. He's not going anywhere, he's just like me..."
Thomas: "Slow in the head?"
Ray: "Hmhmhm. No, no brother. He's prideful. He's not going to back down now, not in front of his own men."
-Ray and Thomas McCall talk about The Rattler.

The Rattler was an outlaw working for Devlin during the events of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He was the right hand man of Devlin.

Early Life[]

The Rattler claimed to be wanted from Colorado to Texas, having killed a Texas Ranger in El Paso and the "Jericho Kid" in Abilene. Due to his quick-draw he came to be known as "The Rattler".

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

In 1866, San Lorenzo in the Gros Coyotes Cantina, the Rattler was relaxing when a beautiful Mexican woman entered the cantina to speak with the bartender. As she was about to leave, she was stopped by one of Rattler's associates, and the Rattler replied that Devlin wanted to see her "in his bed, wearing nothing but a smile". The woman refused, and was then harrassed by the other man. The man was shot in the head by Ray McCall. This instigated a shootout within the cantina, which then spilled into the streets and alleys of San Lorenzo as the McCall brothers pursued the Rattler and the hostage woman. At one point, the Rattler sent the woman with his underlings and challenged one of the brothers to a duel in the street of San Lorenzo, one that left him dead.


The Rattler had long red hair, and a bushy beard and mustache. He had a long scar going from his forehead down the right side of his face, blinding him in his right eye. He wore a tan hat, a black vest over a white shirt, a black coat, black trousers, and brown boots. He carried a Quickshooter as his preferred sidearm.


The Rattler didn't hesitate to do Devlin's dirty work and attempted to gain Devlin's favor by abducting Marisa.


"They call me The Rattler 'cause that's how fast I am!" The Rattler to McCall brothers.

"I'll kill you before you clear leather... You hear me?"


  • The Rattler's duel is considered by many to be the hardest for both new players, and those returning to the game, due to the only previous duel experience being with Marshall Mike.