Pitt Jackson is a character featured in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He was a neighbor and friend of the McCall's. He was a farmer.

Union forces slaughtered all his cattle, except one cow which was in his barn.  After the McCall brothers deserted the Army, they took a canoe downriver to a spot not far from Jackson's farm, which had been taken over and largely destroyed by the Union soldiers. After killing the soldiers, they heard Jackson calling for help from inside his farmhouse, which was on fire. Ray tells Thomas to grab a bucket and douse the flames on the door. If the player does not do this in time then Jackson will burn to death. After putting out the flames Thomas will try to open the door but cannot do it so Ray kicks it open and Jackson staggers out coughing. He tells them that the soldiers killed all the cattle and tried to burn him alive. He informs them of the fact that their home was attacked too and that he heard a shootout. A loud noise comes from the barn and, fearing it to be more Union soldiers, Jackson crouched down with his hands on his head. However, it turned out to be a surviving cow. Jackson then tried to escaped, being shot at by Union soldiers. Ultimately however, he was killed by a Gatling gun at the end of the road. The player finds him lying in the road with his hat off and clutching his chest.


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