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Ned "The Plague" (d. 1884) is an outlaw in Call of Juarez. He is the leader of a gang called "The Plague". In Call of Juarez, Billy stumbles upon his gang at the Black River Mine while on the run from Ray. Meanwhile, Ray has also stumbled upon "The Plague".

Early Life[]

His band of outlaws is known as "The Plague". They've robbed trains, stagecoaches, and banks from Texas to Arizona. They're known for never leaving any witnesses...alive. Ned will kill at the slightest provocation. Anyone who has ever tried to draw on him is dead.

Call of Juarez[]

Ned was camping out in the Black River Mine, waiting for an incoming train to stop at a bridge where he hoped to rob it. Billy who was in the forests surrounding the Mine, stumbles on the gang, fighting off the gang, he jumps onto the train and escapes. Ray meanwhile, had planned to catch Billy in the Mine (A mine Ray claims he and his brothers hid in years ago). Ray encounters Ned in the Mine, and after wiping out the majority of the gang, duels Ned to get information about were the train is heading.


Ned was a bald man in his late thirties-early fourties. He had a dark goatee and a scar over his left eye. He wore a black shirt with leather cuff-links, a red necktie, and black pants. He owned a 1889 Classic Six Shooter.


Ned was suspicious of Ray as he was incredulous that Ray could gun down his entire gang (In reality Billy killed many members and Ray killed the remaining outlaws). Ned also was an expert gunman, but even his criminal experience couldn't save him from Ray McCall.


"I thought men of God were men of peace padre. For a preacher, you sure don't seem too damn peaceful!" - Ned, upon encountering Ray.

"When you get to Hell, tell them, Ned sent you." - Ned


  • Ned's character model is one of the available models for the Riflemen Class.
  • Ned is the character model for the leader of the horse thieves in the extra mission "Farm". Ned is also seen in "Ghost Town" as a generic enemy. More famously, Ned appears as Vasquez in "Showdown at Round Rock".
  • His Duel Challenge bounty is worth $10,000.
  • Ned is an English name which is short for Edward. It means "Happy" or "Prosperous".
  • Billy has to sneak past Ned twice in Episode IV. In both of these cases, it is possible to kill him, however this leads almost always in getting spotted, therefore a missin failure (for Xbox version). If killed within the first encounter, Ned will spawn at the second place as normal.