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Matthew Parker was a minor character in Call of Juarez, a member of the United States Army guarding a payroll on a train bound for San Jose. The train was obstructed by a group of thieves' ambush and many of his fellow soldiers perished, but the outlaws were defeated with the help of Reverend Ray.

Early Life[]

For an unknown amount of time, Matthew Parker was a soldier in the United States Army. Over the years he rose to the rank of Lieutenant.

Call of Juarez[]

In 1884, Matthew Parker, and ten soldiers, were tasked with guarding the No. 4 Train. One night, a fugitive named Billy Candle jumped aboard the train, spraining his ankle. However, the soldiers, looking for the cause of the commotion, were attacked by outlaws. Billy however used the attack to sneak away.

The next morning, Billy's pursuer, a reverend named Ray McCall, came across a wounded soldier who briefly died.

After killing off most of the remaining outlaws in The Plague, Ray entered a traincar. The soldiers began to open fire, but Parker told the men to hold their fire.

Ray entered and spoke with the lieutenant, who replied that he need someone to get a keg of gunpowder to the outlaw's barricade. Ray agreed to complete the task. He successfully destroyed the barricade, and killed the outlaws.

When Ray return, more outlaws had besieged the traincar, however he managed to fight off the outlaws. Matthew Parker's ultimate fate is unclear.


Matthew Parker had short black hair, and a beard. He wore the standard blue uniform, brown boots and an officer's hat.


Matthew Parker was a hardened soldier. Due to his military background, he was knowledgable in tactics.


  • Parker is playable in multiplayer under the Sniper class.
  • On the Xbox 360 version, Parker does not wear a hat.
  • Parker's character is recycled in the extra mission "Showdown at Round Rock", where he is a generic soldier.