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Los Banditos were three Mexican outlaws working for the Juarez Gang in the Call of Juarez Duel Challenges (Xbox 360 exclusive). Due their only appearance being in the Duel Challenges, is it highly questionable whether they are canon or not.

Early Life[]

A group of desperadoes working for the most feared man on the Northern border of Mexico: Juarez. Like all brutal bullies, they're basically cowards. But when they band together, they find courage in numbers and become a force to be reckoned with.

Duel Challenge[]

Ray is challenged to a duel by the Los Banditos, and Ray emerges victorious.


The left-most bandito has shaggy black hair, and thick mustache. He wears a black jacket with two bandoliers, brown trousers, and brown boots. The middle bandito has black hair and is clean shaven with a hooked nose. He wears a large brown sombrero, a red jacket with two bandoliers, cream-colored trousers, and brown boots. The right-most bandito has slightly reddish hair, and is clean shaven with a hooked nose. He wears a blue jacket, white shirt, blue trousers, and brown boots.


"Gringo, besa mi culo!" (American, kiss my ass!" - Bandito


  • Their Duel Challenge bounty is worth $15,000 dollars.
  • The only characters in the duel challenges who aren't in the campaign.
  • One of four characters in the game who don't get dueled in the campaign, the others are the ransackers of Thomas' farm, Chet, and Tom Manson.