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Kevin Donleavy is a supporting character featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

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Early Life[]

Sometime before the events of The Cartel, Kevin Donleavy was an agent for the FBI. During one mission, Donleavy's partner was killed. Due to an alcohol problem, Donleavy's superiors believed him of being the killer, but had no proof. Donleavy however retired shortly afterward.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel[]

Shortly after the Interagency Task Force and Jessica Stone escaped the street gang Araña, FBI agent Kimberly Evans was checking Jess' phone. Kim found a contact named "Kevin". Kim had Jess call him.

Donleavy told Jess he had a key that could reveal evidence pertaining to the Independence Day Bombing, saying "this shit goes to the top". Donleavy, told Jess that it would be better off if he threw the key into the ocean. Jess told him to hold onto the key, and to meet with her. Donleavy told Jess to meet him at the Panorama and to "come alone".

Later that evening, DEA agent Eddie Guerra, and LAPD detective Ben McCall escorted Jess to the nightclub, Kim providing sniper support.

Jess stood by a bar, with Guerra and McCall on either side of the club floor. Donleavy approached Jess, and Ben tried to contact Kim to no avail. Secretly, FBI Director Allen Watters, called Kim telling her to kill Donleavy, explaining to her he could possibly be working for the Mendoza Cartel. Kim obeyed the orders and shot Donleavy.

Eddie ran over to Donleavy, the dying man muttering the words "Eagle Pass", and giving him the key. However, Jess, horrified by Donleavy's death, flees, while being chased by Antonio Alvarez and Mendoza Cartel footmen and Araña gangsters attack Guerra, Evans, and McCall.

In the ending of the game, Kim is charged with the murder of Kevin Donleavy, and implicated on the death of Jessica Stone.


Despite being an alcoholic, Donleavy was good friends with Patrick Stone, and knew Jess well, despite stating he hasn't seen her since she was sixteen. He seemed to care for Jess' safety, risking his life to reveal the truth about the bombing.


Donleavy was an older man in his fifties. He had short gray hair slicked back, and a beard and mustache. He wore a grey suit, white shirt, blue tie, and black dress shoes.


  • Donleavy is playable in multiplayer, but is referred as an "FBI Agent".
  • Kevin is an Irish name meaning "gentle birth". Donleavy is also an Irish derived surname.
  • Donleavy is the first "innocent" character in the series the player can kill without punishment, and the first innocent the player is required to kill.