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Jones is a minor character in Call of Juarez.

Early Life[]

For an unknown amount of time, Jones lived on a secluded ranch outside of Hope, Texas.

Call of Juarez[]

In 1884, Billy Candle returned home after a two year expedition searching for the Gold of Juarez. His search proved fruitless.

Billy, coming home, comes across Jones' ranch, knowing that Jones' had a gun, he could use it as protection against his stepfather if needed.

Billy walked onto Jones' ranch, when the man yelled at him to leave. Realizing, that he would need to sneak, Billy hid in several bushes until he got onto the roof of Jones' cabin. Billy grabbed the gun, and shot at three whiskey bottles, putting in some practice. Billy then left the man to do his work.

Jones later appeared in Reverend Ray's church service, and was present at Tim Powell's murder.


Jones was an old man in his early 60s. He had white hair combed over, and white stubble. He wore a white shirt, blue overalls, and brown boots.


A religious man, Jones was very protective of his property. It would seem he liked to be alone.


"What the heck you doing? This is private property!" Jones to Billy Candle.

"I told you to get out! Get off my property!" Jones to Billy Candle.

"Hey, you wouldn't shoot old Jones now would ya? I have nothin' against you. We don't need no trouble now." - Jones if Billy aims the gun at him.


  • Strangely, on the path away from Jones' ranch, there is a small, but steep drop-off. It is unknown how Jones gets his wagon to and from Hope.
  • Jones shares the same character models as Arturo, the angry farmer, a train passenger, the old man from Round Rock, a citizen from the mission "Farm", and V. Stoner.