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"Hn well what do you know. Looks like we got ourselves some kind of hero! Let's see what you've got amigo. Draw your weapon!" -Jim Peters challenges a McCall brother to a duel.

Jim Peters was a notorious outlaw encountered in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

Early Life[]

Jim Peters became a wanted man after he and his gang committed murder and mayhem in Tucson and the surrounding area. His gang was responsible for eight stagecoach robberies, the death of a coach driver and guard, as well as the theft of property worth more than $600 dollars. Because of his crimes the governor of Arizona issued a bounty of $100 dollars.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

A gunslinger by the name of McCall accepted the bounty placed on Peters and arrived at the bandit leader's heavily fortified hideout. Guns-a-blazing the gunslinger successfully entered the compound and dealt with the entire gang before Peters finally confronted him as he turned to leave. In the ensuing showdown he was killed.


Peters was a broadly built man in his late thirties. He had short black hair, and black muttonchops. He wore a black jacket, vest, trousers and a black hat.


Peters seemed to garner a gentlemanly attitude, and was very calm when facing man who arrived to claim his bounty.


  • Peters, Florez and Ty Stewart share a similar line before their respective duels "Draw your weapon".
  • The Trapper and Veteran multiplayer classes use the same model as Jim Peters.
  • There is a U.S. Soldier in the Call of Juarez bonus mission "Showdown at Round Rock" with the name Peters. It is unknown if the two are related.
  • Peters' hideout is located near a cliff-side. Hidden on a ledge near a campfire, there's a dead corpse with a Secret close to it.