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"Bloody" Jack was the leader of a gang of outlaws in an extra mission in Call of Juarez.

Early Life[]

"Bloody" Jack had, for an unknown amount of time, been a threat in Texas in 1884. His attacks had caused a deputy to hunt him down.

Extra Missions[]

For three days, the deputy hunted down his gang. He cornered the gang in a ghost town. Fighting through the town, he entered the saloon where he was surrounded by the gang. He gunned down the remaining outlaws and was greeted by Jack who asked him to join the gang. The deputy refused and gunned the outlaw down in a duel.


Jack was a well built man in his thirties. He had short black hair, a tan duster, black shirt, and trousers.


Jack seemed brave and he underestimated his opponent, even attempting to bribe the deputy.


"So...finally we meet. I've heard about you. Some say your pretty fast. I could use a man with your skills. We could make some good money." - Jack to the deputy.


  • "Bloody" Jack uses a recycled Ty Stewart model.
  • Jack is Russian (possibly an immigrant) due to his accent.
  • Jack is a pet name for John which itself is a Hebrew name meaning "Graced by Yaweh".