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Henry Plummer was a character in Call of Juarez:Gunslinger who appeared in the mission The Magnificent One. He is also one of many real life characters presented in the game.


He robbed gold from many people and became the leader of a gang named "The Innocents''. He used dynamite to kill his opponents.


Killing Johnny Ringo closed the first chapter of Silas' Saga of revenge and started him on a bloody career as a bounty hunter.

Someone put a hit on Henry. He offered very much money: all the gang members weight in gold. Silas Greaves entered the mine and killed Henry after a gunfight.

Real life[]

Henry Plummer was born 1832 in Addison, Maine. He served as sheriff in Bannock, Idaho Territory from May 24, 1863 until January 10, 1864. Before his short time as a sheriff he was an outlaw and is generally believed to have been the head of The Innocents, that was responsible for nearly a hundred deaths. Henry Plummer was hanged in 1864 by Montana Vigilantes.