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The Gros Coyotes Cantina is a cantina located in San Lorenzo in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

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The Gros Coyotes Cantina is a typical cantina found in Mexico. It offers various drinks such as Rojbos, DieDie and Jabol's.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

In 1866, the McCall brothers were relaxing in the cantina where they often frequented after a day of herding cattle. The brothers were discussing the Gold of Juarez, and Thomas suggested they begin their search for the treasure the next day. Ray replied that he needed to just relax for a little longer.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman entered the cantina. She talked with the bartender, and was about to leave when a man stood in her way. Another man discusses with her that a man named Devlin wants to see her. However, the man decides he wants to have a "little fun" with her. The woman spits i


n the man's face, and slaps him. Angered, the man calls the woman a "whore". The other man grabs ahold of the woman and is shot in the head by Ray.

A gunfight soon erupts with other men fighting Ray and Thomas. The other man escapes out of the cantina with the woman, and Ray and Thomas kill the other thugs. They leave the cantina, and chase the man through the streets.


  • Gros Coyotes is Spanish for "Great Coyote". Coincidentally, according to Apache legend, Running River's grandfather was reincarnated as a coyote, named "The Great Coyote".