"Crazy" Frank is a character in Call of Juarez, who Billy encounters while running away from Reverend Ray.
Crazy Frank

Crazy Frank busting Billy Candle sneaking at his house.

Early LifeEdit

Frank was at one time a soldier in the Civil War. He carried a sawed-off shotgun he affectionately named "Lucy". Sometime during the war, Frank had gone insane. After the war, he moved to Hope, Texas where he lived outside the town.

Call of JuarezEdit

After escaping the townspeople, Billy comes across Frank's cabin. Frank comes outside to greet him, and asks him if he found the Gold of Juarez. Billy retorts that it is nothing but a fairy tale. Frank, misunderstanding him, tells him "Mum's the word". Frank goes out into the yard to repair a wagon, while Billy sneaks into the cabin. As he picks up a box of pistol ammunition, Frank comes in pointing "Lucy" at him. Frank begins to go berserk, and Billy jumps out the window, sliding down an embankment, and escapes as Frank opens fire on him.


Frank was a older man in his mid-forties. He has light brown hair which was balding, and brown stubble. He wore a green shirt and brown overalls with brown boots.


Frank may have post-traumatic stress disorder due to the sudden fit of rage when Billy steals a box of ammunition, however he may also be bi-polar. When not in a rage, he appears to be a rather friendly, although unstable person.


"Why look Lucy, it's Billy! Well boy, did you find the Gold?"

"There is no Gold."

"The Gold of Juarez?!"

"It's nothing but a fairy tale, it doesn't exist."

"Right I get it. Mum's the word." - Billy and Frank.

"You goin' to take what's mine? One more step and Lucy'll blow your head clean off!" - Frank if he catches Billy

"Lucy what should we do with this little thief? Me and Lucy, we shot men, women, and children. So we sure as hell can shoot a low-life like you!" - Frank catching Billy

"Come back you bastard!" - Frank

"We got him on the run Lucy. Lucy look at him go!" - Frank


  • Frank appears to live the life of an outcast, or hermit as he doesn't appear to get many visitors. Of course, he could also be someone who would rather be left alone.
  • In Let He Who Is Without Sin..., the player can to go Frank's house. The wagon is missing, and the windows appear to be boarded up (presumably made from the pieces of the wagon).
  • Frank's character model appears as a townsman in "Showdown at Round Rock". The townsman lends the deputy his horse.
  • Frank is a name of Germanic origin referring to the Germanic people the Franks. It means "free man", "javelin", or "truthful".
  • According to his quotes he appears to have killed children sometime in the past, however he could be exaggerating.