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Forrester's Grand Saloon was a saloon in Call of Juarez. It was owned by Clyde Forrester, and was located in the town of Hope.


The saloon offered prostitution services, as well as many drinks, and bedrooms. Suzy is known to have been working there, along with a girl named Jo Ann.

Call of Juarez[]

In 1884, Billy Candle returned home


after a two year expedition. After walking through town, he was spotted by Suzy, who wanted to see him. Billy entered the saloon, and was stopped by Clyde who refused to let him see Suzy unless he had money.

Billy left, and Suzy beckoned for him again. Billy went around to a window, and climbed up it. Billy stole a gun from Suzy's dresser, and Suzy re-entered the room. As the two began to "get reacquainted", Clyde burst into the room, along with another man. Billy fled the saloon, causing several townsmen to give chase.

Later that same day, Billy was believed to have murdered his mother and stepfather. Ray McCall, now a reverend, decided to go hunt down Billy. As he left his church, Ray was stopped by the sheriff, who told Ray to hand over his weapons.

However, the sheriff, was shot dead by a man in the crowd, resulting in a riot. Ray fought off the outlaws, making his way towards the Grand Saloon. There, after narrowly avoiding being ran over by a wagon, Ray shot the barrels of TNT that were in it, engulfing the Saloon in flames. Several flaming outlaws ran out, only to be shot by Ray.

Finally, a charred Clyde Forrester stumbled out of the Saloon, challenging the reverend to a duel. Ray shot the man dead.

Extra Missions[]

The Grand Saloon is recycled as a hideout for the Bloody Jack Gang in the mission "Ghost Town". The Grand Saloon also appears in the town of Round Rock in the mission "Showdown at Round Rock".