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Flaco is a minor character in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. A street dealer and small-time criminal in Los Angeles, California, he is a close associate of DEA agent Eddie Guerra, providing him with information and business opportunities throughout the first half of the game. He has connections to various street gangs in Los Angeles, most notably the Araña.

Flaco is voiced by Lombardo Boyar .

Call of Juarez: The Cartel[]

Flaco first appears via various phone conversations and mission briefings with Eddie Guerra, notifying him of opportunities to expand their operations or sabotage rival drug shipments while he is on duty.

After Ben McCall's task force seizes the Araña street gang's cash payment to the Cartel, Eddie recieves word that Cartel leader Juan Mendoza sent his son Jesús to deal with the incident, and immediately asks his street dealer Hector to warn Araña of any contact concerning the missing cash.

Flaco, as he appears during briefings.

Eddie and the squad then apprehend Flaco at his apartment during sex and demand that he call Araña to set up a meeting with Jesús, retreating to their vehicle to listen in via remote wire. Despite Eddie's reassurances, Araña members Jorge and Sergio arrive at the apartment and murder Flaco for conspiring with police, before inadvertently leading the squad to Jesús at the El Dorado nightclub.


Flaco is an emaciated Latino man with dark brown hair cut plain and prominent stubble, owing to a life of criminal squalor. He is only ever seen wearing a baggy white hoodie in briefing portraits and naked, when he is interrupted by the agents during intercourse with a prostitute.


Beneath a streetwise exterior, Flaco is quite cowardly and easily intimidated, growing very nervous about contacting the Araña despite trading insults with the agents only moments prior. He is also an opportunist, seizing the chance to undermine or eliminate rival dealers through Eddie on several occasions. Flaco trusts Eddie greatly and is possibly a government informant, given that he was aware of Internal Affairs' inquiries about Guerra. Despite their past relations, Guerra displays little concern upon his death.


"Hey what the fuck! Shit Eddie, you scared the shit out of me bro." - Flaco's reaction to the Task Force's entrance.

"What are you looking at mama? Get on or get out. You like that shit huh?"

"I think hers is bigger."

"Ha. Real funny fucker, you here for business or just to bust my balls." - Flaco and Eddie on Kim Evans.

"Fuck me." - Flaco as the Task Force leaves.


  • "Flaco" is Spanish for "skinny", "cowardly", or "weak", which seems fitting. It is unknown if "Flaco" is just his street name or his actual first name.