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The Ferguson Ranch was large estate located in San Jose, Texas, near Apache territory.


Ferguson employed dozens of men at his ranch. Sometime between 1882-1884, Billy Candle worked there, and during his time as an employee began to fancy Molly Ferguson, the rancher's daughter. Not wanting his daughter marrying a Mexican, Billy was thrown out and told if he ever came back he would be killed.

Call of Juarez[]

In 1884 and at this point a fugitive, Billy sneaked into the ranchhouse to see Molly, but was caught by prized worker Chet and forced into a fistfight. Shortly after, the ranch was assaulted by Tom Manson, Ty Stewart, the McClyde Brothers and Reverend Ray, all in pursuit Billy Candle. Chet and all the ranchhands met their demise at the ambush. Ray chased Billy through a cornfield, and into the surrounding canyons. As Billy made a final stand, Ray shot Billy, sending the boy into the river, and carrying him away.

Suddenly, a scream was heard. Ray raced back to the ranchhouse to find Mr. Ferguson on the ground, the McClydes standing over him, and Molly missing. The men revealed they were not Texas Rangers as Ray had been lead to believe. However they were looking for Billy. Ray dueled the two men, and killed them. Dying, Mr. Ferguson told Ray to go chase after the outlaws.