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"I'm not famous like you boys I just kill for money, and you two both have a pretty good price on your head." -Devlin's Bodyguard during confrontation with Ray and Thomas McCall.

Devlin's Bodyguard was a skilled gunfighter in employment of Devlin until his eventual showdown with the McCalls in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

Early Life[]

At some point before or after becoming Devlin's hired gun, the bodyguard traveled to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas where he saw wanted posters for the McCalls. After becoming his guard, he was with his fellow irishman at all times. His name is unknown.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

When Ray and Thomas met Devlin, the bodyguard stood silently next to him. After Devlin ordered his men to kill the McCall brothers, the two irishmen retreated into the house. Ray and Thomas gave chase, Devlin's countless miners failing to stop them. Eventually the brothers cornered the two men atop a cliff. The bodyguard noted seeing the wanted posters in his travels and the tales about the McCalls, before entering a duel with one of the brothers, which he did not survive.


The bodyguard was a tall man who wore a black hat, black vest, black duster, black trouers, and black cowboy boots. He spoke with a distinct Irish accent.


The bodyguard was a stern mercenary who was knowledgable about the McCall brothers. He was an expert gunman, but ultimately his skills were not enough to defeat the McCalls.


  • The bodyguard is one of three characters in the series known to be of Irish heritage. The others two are Devlin and Dempsey.