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Devlin is a businessman in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. He was killed by Ray, as Juan "Juarez" Mendoza promised part of the Gold of Juarez, to Thomas and Ray for his death.

Early Life[]

Devlin was born in Ireland, and immigrated to the United States. For a time he lived in Chicago, Illinois where he made his fortune. There, Devlin learned of the Gold of Juarez, and wanting to increase his wealth, he moved to San Lorenzo where he starting a mining operation in the outskirts of town.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

Over the years, Devlin became rather vicious in his attempts to find the Gold of Juarez. He had started to hire an armed wing led by a man called "The Rattler" to persuade settlers and farmers to leave their homes lest they be killed. In 1866, Marisa Mendoza, was captured by the Rattler where the McCalls chased, and killed. The men successfully rescued Marisa, and Juan Mendoza hired them to kill Devlin, and in returned be promised a share of the Gold of Juarez.

Ray and Thomas McCall raided Devlin's mine and after a lengthy chase, they captured the Irishman. Devlin pleaded that his life be spared, and to bring him "that little whore and "Juan's head". Devlin promised he would pay the men ten times what Juan was paying. William intervened, and tried to persuade Ray to leave Devlin alive. Ray, refused to listen and shot the man dead.


Devlin has a dark skin tone, tanned through his life in Mexico. He had black hair, combed over, and a thin mustache. He wore a vest that was white in the front, black in the back, with a white shirt, white pants, and black shoes. He also spoke in a slight Irish accent.


As a businessman, Devlin was wealthy, but also very cowardly. He did not face the brothers face-to-face, but rather set his brutes upon them. When he was finally found, he forced his bodyguard to duel one of the brothers. Devlin also was very arrogant, and was displeased with being interrupted.


  • "That's them?!? All two of 'em! That's what you called me away for? These two thugs!"
    - Devlin on meeting the McCalls
  • "When I heard you two gunned down Rattler, I considered offering you two a job. But now that we've met, I can see that won't work. You two clearly have an attitude problem. Throw them of the stairs boys."
    - Devlin
  • Devlin to his bodyguard


  • Devlin was modeled after Richard Boone. Richard Boone was a famous actor in many western films, most famously as "Paladin" on Have Gun, Will Travel.
  • Devlin is playable in multiplayer as the Duelist class. He wields a Volcano Gun.
  • Devlin is a surname of Irish origin, which is an anglicisation of the Old Irish "O'Dobhailein".