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Seargent Dempsey is a minor character featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

Early Life[]

Much of his life is unknown, however it is revealed Dempsey has an as-of-yet unnamed daughter.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel[]

Dempsey was the Interagency Task Force's driver while they were escorting Jessica Stone, The team was then ambushed by Araña gangsters. Dempsey sped down the highway in Los Angeles, and for a short time managed to escape the team's pursuers. However, a semi-trailer came speeding down the street, and crashed into the car, killing Dempsey.


Dempsey was a well built man in his thirties, he had a shaved head, white button-up shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots.


Dempsey was a risk taker, driving in the wrong lanes on a busy highway, and even down a sidewalk to avoid Araña gangsters.


  • Dempsey (an anglicised form of Ó Diomasaigh) is a surname of Irish origin meaning "proud".
  • Dempsey is one of three characters in the Call of Juarez series to be of Irish heritage. The others are Devlinand his bodyguardCategories, categories.