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Cattle appear in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger as an unrideable animal.


Cattle are large, often timid domesticated ungulates. Most cattle are raised for their meat, milk, or hide. They are also used as draft animals. In some countris such as India, they are considered sacred. Cattle did not originate as the term for bovine animals, it was taken from Old French catel, itself from Latin caput, head. It originally meant movable personal property, especially livestock of any kind, as opposed to real property (the land, which also included wild or small free-roaming animals such as chickens — they were sold as part of the land). The term replaced earlier Old English feoh "cattle, property".

Castrated males are called a steer in the United States, an uncastrated adult male is referred to as a bull. An unbranded bovine of either sex is called a maverick in the USA and Canada. Cow refers to adult females that have had calves.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

Thomas and Ray witnessed many deceased cattle passing through Pitt Jackson's estate in Episode II. After having rescued Jackson from certain death at the hands of Union soldiers, Ray and Thomas investigated a noise in his barn, kicking the doors open. Depending on the player's choice, Thomas either shot it down as it charged, or let the animal proceed past them unhindered. A year later in Episode III, Ray, Thomas and William were being chased through Fort Smith, Arkansas for killing U.S. Marshal Mike in a showdown. At one point they crashed through a barn where the cattle stampeded, knocking down a fence and windmill in the process. Later on, one of the McCall brothers hunted down the Florez Gang whom had stolen many cattle. Cattle also appear in one of the barns on Jim Peter's ranch.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger[]

Cattle appear at the ranch in Stinking Springs and outside Abilene. They cannot be killed.


  • The corpses of the cattle in Episode II could be a reference to the Call of Duty series. A running gag throughout the series is the corpses of cows in nearly all the games.
  • There is an achievement/trophy in console versions of the game called "Yankee Cow" which requires the player to spare Jackson's cow in Episode II.
  • The breed depicted appears to be the Corriente cattle.