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Cannon is a large artillery weapon that is featured in Call of Juarez and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.



Cannons are one of the oldest weapons in the world that are still in use today. First developed in China, cannons have been used in warfare since the Middle Ages. Cannons were accompanied by at least five men. During the 1770s each cannon would be manned by two gunners, six soldiers, and four officers. The right gunner was to prime the piece and load it with powder, and the left gunner would fetch the powder from the magazine and be ready to fire the cannon at the officer's command. On each side of the cannon, three soldiers stood, to ram and sponge the cannon, and hold the ladle. The fifth soldier provided cannonballs. During the American Civil War cannons became larger, more destructive, more accurate, and could fire at longer range. One example is the Griffen Gun used during the American Civil War which had an effective range of over 1.1 miles.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood[]

Cannons are only available in the first two chapters in Bound in Blood. The first time it is used, Ray mans one

BiB Cannon.jpg

to fight off Union rafts. Thoms uses one in Chapter II to destroy a Union steamboat. Cannons are also available in multiplayer.

Call of Juarez[]

A cannon can be found in Juan Mendoza's Alcázar near the end of the game. Ray McCall uses it to fire a

COJ Cannon.jpg

double-door open. This is its only appearance in the game.


  • The cannon has a noticeable drop. This requires the player to aim above their target.