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The Black River Mine is a mine featured in Call of Juarez. Ray McCall ventures into the mine while Billy sneaks through the surrounding forest.


The Black River Mine was first mentioned by Ray as a place where, when he was younger, he hid out during a storm. Most likely, this mine was one of the places Ray and his brothers hid out in to escape the law after killing U.S. Marshal Mike.

Call of Juarez[]

The Plague outlaw gang was using the mine and surrounding forest as a stakeout to rob a train. While Billy ventured through the forest, Ray entered the mine. Together they unknowingly take down most of the gang, and Ray kills the leader Ned the "Plague".


  • Techland was originally going to release Single player DLC for Bound in Blood. It is unknown what the missions were going to be about, although it is likely it was to fill the gap between Chapter III and Chapter IV of Bound in Blood. It is possible the mine was going to be in the game, which would have made it one of three locations to have been featured in more than one Call of Juarez game.