Be Quick or Be Dead is the only episode in Chapter IV of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

About 30 years ago, having heard rumors that Roscoe "Bob" Bryant was with John Wesley Hardin, one of the fastest and most dangerous outlaw in the West, Silas Greaves tracked to Abilene, Kansas. Silas raided the cattle camp outside the town, believing the duo was there. He wiped out all bandits, but neither his targets were among the dead.

Silas moved on to proceed into the town, where a celebration was held. Bandits defended the Bull's Head Saloon firecely to death, yet Silas was not stopped. Eventually, inside the blood-tainted saloon, Silas challenged Hardin into a showdown. With concentration and finesse, Silas managed to dodge all 12 bullets Hardin fired at him. With both his guns emptied, Hardin had no choice but to surrender. He ended up in jail afterwards.

It was not until years later Silas realized why bandits were so hostile and Hardin was so angry on that night: he had inadvertently spoiled Hardin's birthday celebration.

To Silas' disappointment, he didn't find Bob in Abilene.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If 'got shot' in the duel with Hardin, there will be an extra line in the Game Over scene. (Silas: "Wait... I swear I wasn't shot by then...")
  • The duel with Hardin is a special one where dodging is necessary. According to the plot, Silas should have dodged all 12 bullets, but that would end earlier if the player fired a shot that "would have" hit Hardin. There is no special achievement / rewards for dodging extra bullets, and sometimes it is totally impossible as AI bosses could fire sure-kill shots.
  • This level features one of the most challenging to find Nugget of Truth. Silas must take the detour to the rooftop and do a running jump from there to reach the top of water tower, where the Nugget is located. The ladder on the water tower is one-way only and can only be used to safely get back down.
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